Help us launch an ionospheric research CubeSat.

blair3sat is an entirely student-run cubesat team at Montgomery Blair High School.

We're developing a nanosatellite that will measure electron density in a special layer of the atmosphere called the ionosphere.

The electron density data our CubeSat produces will help improve weather prediction models and make communications more reliable.

Our values


We always strive to act with uncompromising honesty and integrity in everything we do. We build trust through responsible actions and honest relationships.


We're committed to building an inclusive company. We're serious about creating an environment where everyone feels welcome and appreciated.


Your ideas and opinions will be heard. You will have the freedom to lead projects. We want you to feel invested in your work and proud of it.


Ask questions. Experiment with new ideas and tech. Reach out to customers and learn about their workflows. Be curious.

Perks & benefits

Learn new skills

We provide you with opportunities to develop your technical skills.

Improve your communication

You will learn how to operate & communicate in a profession enviroment.

Grow your network

You will make lots of connections with people that can provide very good opportunities.

Attend conferences

Attending conferences is fun and you learn a lot. It's also great for your resume.

Leadership opportunities

As you become more aquainted with the mission, you will start leading projects.

Make new friends

We're a very close team and you will make some amazing friends at blair3sat.

Apply your knowledge

You will apply all of the theoretical knowledge you've been learning in school.

Gain experience in the space industry

Space is one of the hottest industries and the skills you learn here will help you in your career.

Open roles

We have 0 roles open currently. Please check back in a few weeks.